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Adobe’s new pricing model: Love it or hate it, it’s coming…..

Adobe's new pricing model: Love it or hate it, it's here

If you haven’t yet heard Adobe has done away with the hard copy software model starting with whatever they call the version after CS6. In order to use the newest software you’ll be required to enroll in Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription service.

( I can hear the masses grumbling already )

I understand that for some the price for the full subscription will be rather painful at 50.00 per month. Possibly a bit more suitable would be the 10.00 a month per software title price tag.

Personally, I feel that this could be a good thing for the entire Adobe community, users, developers and the company as a whole.

We have to remember that Adobe is a for profit company and Adobe products are the absolute most pirated titles on the planet. The people who are complaining the most have probably never paid for a title ever. Or, is the idea of not actually owning something the problem? Technically speaking, we have never owend anything before. What we were buying was a license to use the software. We just happend to have media to go along with it.

Pros for CC (Keeping your head in the clouds)

Financial: I find it easier to drop 50.00 per month x 12 rather than close to 3000.00 once every two years.

Instant upgrades/New apps: As soon as an upgrade or a new application is ready it’s available for download instantly. No more waiting two years or more for updates.

Mac version/Windows version no problem: With Creative Cloud if for some reason you have to use software on Windows and Mac platforms you have but to login to Creative Cloud and download and use the software. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!!!

The Fallacies (Don’t believe the hype)

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about how this service actually works.

No, you are not running the applications in a web browser. The programs are actually downloaded from the web and run on you computer as they always were. Everything is stored on your computer not the cloud.

You do not need to always be connected to the internet to use Creative Cloud. Every 99 days there is a software download (for annual subscribers).

Adobe will continue to support non Creative Cloud users using earlier versions to the software.


In closing I’m all for the new subsription model. I’d like to hear some of your thoughts on this subject.  I have heard many people say that they’ll never use Adobe products again. Again, I think these people probably never paid for it anyway.

There are  alternatives to the Adobe products. Some are free and open source. See below:

Photoshop ReplacementGimp

Also tryPixlr Editor (Windows), Paint.NET (Windows), Irfanview (Windows) or Pixelmator(Mac, $14.99)

InDesign ReplacementScribus

Also trySerif PagePlus Starter Edition (Windows), iStudio Publisher (Mac, $17.99),Swiftpublisher (Mac, $19.99)

Illustrator ReplacementInkscape

Also tryOpenOffice Draw (Windows, Mac, and Linux), DrawPlus (Windows), XaraExtreme(Linux), or Torapp (Chrome), iDraw (Mac, $24.99), Sketch (Mac, $49.99)

Premier ReplacementVideoLan Movie Creator

Also tryAvidemux (Windows, Mac, Linux), Magistro (web), iMovie (Mac, $14.99), orScreenflow (Mac, $100), ZS4 Video Editor (Windows, Mac, Linux)

DreamWeaver ReplacementKompoZer

Also trySeaMonkey (Mac), Aptana Studio 3 (Windows, Mac, Linux), BlueGriffon (Windows, Mac, Linux), or Amaya (Windows, Mac, Linux), Flux (Mac, $75), Espresso (Mac, $75)

After Effects ReplacementBlender

Also tryJahshaka (was out of date for a while, but has recently relaunched to push a new 3.0 build), Motion 5 (Mac, $49.99),

Flash ReplacementSynfig Studio

Also tryHype (Mac-based HTML5 Editor, $49.99), Microsoft Silverlight (Windows, Mac),Vectorian (Windows), Awesome Animator (Windows), Ajax Animator (browser)

Acrobat ReplacementPDF X-Change Viewer

Also tryFormulate ProFoxit Reader (Windows, $29 for the Express version, $95 for the Standard), or Nitro Reader (Windows, $119.99 for Pro version)

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