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This week we look at online learning sites. Whilst the competition is quite fierce and it’s fairly hard to compare apples to apples we’ll definitely give it the ole’ college try…. Get it we’re talking about learning….

Let’s look at some of the other offerings

Best for Students – itunes U

itunes U is do all learn all app paired with iTunes from our guys over at Apple. This ranks up there with the very best learning resources. Some of the instruction is taught by college proffessors, there is no cost (we like no cost),  and it’s almost cross platform. That brings us to the only problem that we have with this application. It’s not Linux friendly. Remember those kids in the developing countries using the  OLPC? Seems like this service would have been a perfect fit for them if worked in a Linux environment.

I’m getting off my soapbox now.

Best for companies requiring technical certifications – CBT Nuggets

I really can’t say enough good things about this company. CBT Nuggets provides web based technical, Project Management and Office Productivity training. My company and I have them to thank for three of my own certifications and several of my coworker’s certs. CBT Nuggets has done a great job of recruiting instructors that have a passion for teaching and it’s visible in the lessons. I haven’t seen any snoozers thus far. One time I was even able to connect with one of the instructors, Keith Barker on Facebook and he walked me through an abbreviated lesson plan. (I passed my CCNA exam, and I was thinking of Network + and he informed what I needed to study in addition to what I already knew.) He helped me out greatly, and I was able to pass on the first attempt. The only thing that I have a problem with is the cost. When we ordered our first license the cost was just under 2000.00 US. If I would have needed to pay for this myself I wouldn’t have been able to afford it. They have since lowered their price and added a monthly billing option at 99.00 per month. This for me is quite a bit easier to swallow. Thanks CBT!

Best overall – Udacity

We love Udacity! Why you ask? It’s free, cross platform (it’s web based), it’s taught by current college professors, and in most cases you get a certificate of accomplishment from an actual university. In my opinion this resource lives up to the free education for all philosophy that I think we all should strive for. Let me tell you from experience, I especially enjoy the “CSS 101” Computer Science 101 course that I’m currently enrolled in. The only mark against them would be the number of classes. Other than that I’d say keep up the great work guys and I’m sure we’ll see more great things from these guys.

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