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Hello everyone,

We hope the start of your week is going well. Today we have a first in the young life of Our site of the week is a game! We absolutely love games. Actually, everyone should love games these days. That is especially true when one as special as this week’s winner comes along. Let’s jump right in.

“Contre Jour” is a surprisingly addicting physics based puzzle game developed through the collaborative efforts of Microsoft and the Ukranian company Mokus. “EA” Electronic Arts label Chillingo is responsible for publishing/distribution.

Translated, Contre Jour means against day or against daylight (it’s also a photography term that means backlighting usually used to describe photos with silhouetted subjects). This is definitely a suitable title/description as all the levels that I’ve seen thus far are a combination of blues, greys and/or black. Please don’t take that to mean that this game is in any way unappealing to look at. I’d say exactly the opposite. Ugly games don’t win the prestigious “Best of Show award” at SXSW. Look at the embedded video for proof.

A game’s visual appeal and graphics are important but what about the other factors? The developers did a great job converting this previously mobile only (smart phone/tablet) game to work in standard HTML 5 supported browsers.

The gameplay is extremely smooth and intuitive. I’d say one of the best thus far for a web based game. Initially I tried to play it with a trackball type mouse and it was quite difficult. At this point the moves and combination of moves are just a bit out of my league using that type of mouse. So, after rooting around in one of the drawers that I keep my discarded computer gear I finally struck gold  with an optical USB mouse (all geeks have one of these drawers or piles). Sweet! Now I could really start pushing the physics engine of this game. Needles to say it took everything I had to put the mouse down.

Last but not least is the soundtrack composed by David Ari Leon (no relation). Leon does a masterful job of creating the appropriate mood be it whimsy, tension or playful glee. The soundtrack is so good that it’s available by itself via various means as shown below.

Spotify: David Ari Leon – Contre Jour Soundtrack

iTunes: David Ari Leon – Contre Jour Sounttrack David Ari Leon – Contre Jour Soundtrack 

Get the game for your mobile device below:

IOS: Contre Jour for iPhone and iPad

Windows Phone: Windows Phone Version (works with 7.5 & 8)

Android: Android Version (requires 2.2 and up) 

Try it out now in your Browser: Contre Jour Web Version

We dare you not to get addicted

Have Fun!!!

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