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Day 10: My First Ramadan


If you didn’t know it’s currently Ramadan and to those of the Muslim faith it’s the most holy month and it’s celebrated by fasting from sunrise to sunset. Yes that’s right fasting no eating, no drinking and also no sex during the day.

Day 10,

I have been able to speak with people who have been through this experience many times and one of the tips that resonates most is to take it one day at a time, and I can say that info has been a life saver to me as a chronic overthinker. Of course on day one I was thinking “oh boy 29 and a half more days of this.” That is entirely the wrong attitude…

It’s definitely gotten easier after the third day. I had some bad news, and I skipped iftar that day, and I had very little to drink that day. Since then it’s been a lot less strenuous. Luckily, a lot of my work requires research and study which only require a computer with internet access. I’ve also adjusted my office hours to be closer to iftar, and it’s worked out great. During the day I’ve been working from my home office, and I’m using the pomodoro  technique as I do when I’m in those last grueling hours of cramming (btw there are tons of free pomodoro timers for smartphones ).

I did make the horrible mistake of scheduling and paying for a grueling exam on a subject that I have a very limited background in during the month of Ramadan. Not smart, I tell you. I know that I’m not as sharp as I could be if I was eating like usual. I’ll just have to persevere, but it won’t be easy.


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