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Chipotle and Moonbot Studios make sustainable farming look cool.


Chipotle Grill has teamed up with Academy award winning Moonbot studios to create what my be the best ad campaign of 2013. It appears that Chipotle has the “big food” industry square in it’s cross hairs. In this depiction, our protagonist is an unhappy scarecrow living a very cog-like existence. He makes a “living” working at a processing plant that produces and distributes chemically treated, mass produced food.  But, once our hero gets home he has a bit of an epiphany in the guise of sustainable farming…

Yes this is an advertisement and yes advertisements are meant to generate income but this one does so in a very “think outside of the box” way while sticking to the tried and mud slinging/vilify your  competition tactics that we all know and love. Only this time, the competition seems to be the entire “big food” industry. In the video they go so far as to even stamp a product “100% Beef-ish.” Genius!

This advert is truly powerful on multiple levels. Well done Chipotle and Moonbot.

If you were thinking that song sounded familiar it’s the song “Pure Imagination” from the 1970’s classic film Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory sung by none other than Fiona Apple. If you ask me she did a fantastic job.

There is also an iPad/iPhone  game in which you can win coupons for Chipotle Grill. Download “The Scarecrow” here

2 comments on “Chipotle and Moonbot Studios make sustainable farming look cool.

  1. jumbledwriter
    September 20, 2013

    I can’t imagine another artist covering this song the way that Fiona Apple does.

    • leon206
      September 20, 2013

      I totally, totally agree.

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