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Chess like life is a game of second chances.


Getting good at chess or anything else, comes down to several things most of them fairly concrete and practical ie tactics, analysis, practice, openings and end game.

The subject that I’m here to talk about is a bit more abstract per say. This post is about psychology.

If chess is anything, it is a game of second chances. Chess, like life, rewards perseverance. I’ve turned countless losses into draws and wins because my opponents got overconfident while I dug in. I’ve also turned wins into losses because I was too intimidated by my opponent’s rating or reputation.

Chess psychology can be distilled to two simple rules:

1. Don’t ever be afraid of your opponent

2. Fight as hard as you can until the game is over

Magnus Carlsen is my favorite chess player. In equal positions where many grandmasters would agree to a draw, Carlsen patiently pushes and probes, waiting until his opponent cracks and then grinding out a win. Magnus Carlsen is the world’s best player because he doesn’t give up.

When I was younger, I had an unfortunate habit of withdrawing from tournaments where I was doing badly. I made various excuses, but usually I withdrew because I had mentally given up after a few demoralizing losses. I did the same thing in chess games—after making a major mistake, I mentally gave up.

This except comes to us from Gautam Narula’s “How to get good at chess fast”

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