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FREE KNOWLEDGE!!! Over 500 free programming and design books.

Originally this resource of freely available books on the web was organized and stored over at stackoverflow by our friend George Stocker.

Then Swiss developer Victor Felder cloned it, cleaned up the broken links, added titles and invited the world to contribute. If you want to help out please follow the directions below. If you just want access to the resources go here.

Thank you very much George and Victor.

List of Free Learning Resources


If you want to find a learning resource, you should definitely check out our site, Free Learning Resources. And for those who want to learn a computer language, you should check out these books on or on github. This list initially was a clone of stackoverflow – List of Freely Available Programming Books by George Stocker. Now updated, with dead links gone and new content.

Moved to GitHub for collaborative updating and for the site mentioned above.

How To Contribute

It’s easy.

  • Fork
  • Read the TODO file(Adding new books is our #1 priority, but things like Alphabetizing are important,too.)
  • Edit (we prefer multiple small commits rather than one large change)
  • Send a PR
  • be part of a project that over 15,000 people starred in near to 3 months. 😉

Again, unlike other projects, we prefer multiple small commits rather than one large change in a pull request – it’s fine to have one PR, but please make sure your title reflects what you’re changing, thanks.

How to Share

In Other Speaking Languages

Noticable lists from reSRC

  • Free JavaScript frameworks resources and tutorials: github or site

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