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Memoirs from my childhood – Starblazers Season 1 – episodes 1 – 4


I don’t know about you guys but certain things from childhood give me a warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach and one of which is the ultra violent (for it’s day at least) almost avant-garde masterpiece of anime titled “Space Battleship Yamato” which was then shortened for western audiences to what we all know as “Starblazers.”

Although “SB” was edited heavily for us in the west it still had a truly Japanese feel. This was basically an animated soap opera that should have been targeted to a much older audience as every human emotion was dealt with. The character development was excellent and the creators didn’t really pull any punches as they explored every human emotion.  – SPOILER ALERT – One time some of the crew members even mutinied and kidnapped Nova so they could start a new colony. Damn! Even this 70’s Cartoon got a little rapey. (At least Nova got rescued and all those guys died)       

Here are the first 4 episodes of the first season. If you guys like I’ll continue to add more episodes every week. Let me know what your think.


SSN 01: Ep. 01: The battle for Pluto

SSN 01: Ep. 02: Carrier Attacks the Sleeping Yamato

SSN 01: Ep. 03: Ultra-Menace Missile

SSN 01: Ep. 04: Test Warp to Mars

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