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The camera of the future is here!!!

Walley square name

Canon, Nikon, Sony and other manufacturers had better watch out. An independent camera maker is coming out swinging. Introducing  the Walley POS-86!!!



Ok, ok this is clearly satirical. However, I believe it’s poking fun at the fact that the camera makers that some of us seem to have an almost god like worship of keep cramming the next “better” device down our throats at every chance knowing that all of us photographers are all quasi photo gear geeks and lately the “improvements” have been of minimal significance at best.


Remember my photog brethren and  sisters, the best camera is the one you have with you. We all get caught up in the “if I had this camera or that lens I’d be able to do X” I call shenanigans on that logic. Yes I will agree that having different pieces and or better equipment may make things easier, a never body or full frame camera may give you better results in certain conditions. But you aren’t doing your self any good by not shooting . Get out there and experiment, shoot something you’ve never shot before, restrict yourself to a certain lens, give yourself an assignment. Just get out and shoot. Since the weather is starting to get nice (at least in the US) you really have no excuse.

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This entry was posted on May 2, 2014 by in Cinematography/Video, Funny, Life Lessons, Photography.
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