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Shut Up and Take my Money!!! – Lily, The No Excuse Drone based Camera.

    I say no excuse because with Lily there are no excuses for losing your drone or shaky video caused by jittery flying  because Lily is the first “Throw … Continue reading

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The camera of the future is here!!!

Canon, Nikon, Sony and other manufacturers had better watch out. An independent camera maker is coming out swinging. Introducing  the Walley POS-86!!!     Ok, ok this is clearly satirical. … Continue reading

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How “New” is the New GoPro Hero3+ Camera?

Originally posted on Photofocus (old site):
GoPro has unveiled two updated cameras… the Hero3+ Black and Silver editions.  We’ve got one on order and should have some test footage up…

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The Black Magic Design Cinema Camera is now 1000.00 cheaper

Thanks Black Magic! Personally my cinephilia is usually reserved to watching, rating (sometime berating) and generally enjoying movies. I am a photographer though, so I tend to run into cinematographers … Continue reading

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F-stops vs T-stops

Have you ever wondered about the difference between F-stops (still photography) and T-stops (cinematography)? This video will help. -Enjoy

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Just Leon Site of the Week:

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t watch network television anymore. T.V. seems to be getting more and more devoid of anything resembling an original idea. A great … Continue reading

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Adobe’s new pricing model: Love it or hate it, it’s coming…..

If you haven’t yet heard Adobe has done away with the hard copy software model starting with whatever they call the version after CS6. In order to use the newest … Continue reading

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